First day of School for Hazel and Hattie 2015-16

Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Hazel is in Mrs. Flores' first grade class this year.  She was so excited to start first grade because they go all day compared to last year when she had half day for Kindergarten.  When I was taking her picture she said, "Make sure to get my lunch box in the picture so they know I'm going to first grade.

Hattie's been excited to start preschool ever since Hazel started going to school two years ago.  My friend Hayley is her preschool teacher and Hattie's friends from church are in her class too. These pictures pretty much sum up Hattie's personality.  I always have the hardest time just getting her to do a simple smile.  She always does some crazy face and pose.  Brendan's personality for sure.

Hattie Turns 4!

I felt bad because Hattie hasn't had a birthday party with friends yet, and Hazel has had a couple.  This year we promised we would throw her one, and even though I knew I was due near her birthday I still planned on throwing one even if it was a couple weeks late or kind of simple, but when Oliver was born with complications, I was too stressed and just couldn't make it happen.  Oliver was only 8 days old on her birthday, so I just went to the store and threw a simple Hello Kitty party with just our family.  We ate pizza for dinner, and I made some boxed cupcakes.  My brother in law, Brad, dropped off a gift for Hattie, and Brendan's parents came over and gave her some gifts too.

Hattie lined up her gifts and really wanted me to take a picture of all of them.
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