Whitney's Bridal Shower and Wedding

Saturday, May 16, 2015
Whitney's wedding was on December 27, and I threw a bridal shower for her two weeks before.  December was actually a stressful month for me, and I was happy to have it over with.  I was in the first trimester of my pregnancy and feeling awful.  I was exhausted and had no energy to do anything, and the thought of food made me sick, but I was having to plan lots of parties involving food.  All I wanted to do was sit on the couch, which isn't like me.  The Tuesday before the shower I was in charge of our Relief Society activity which was a progressive dinner that started at my house and I was in charge of the appetizers.  Our ward threw Brendan in charge of the ward Christmas party only a couple weeks before hand.  I told him he couldn't do it the day of the shower, but of course that was the only day available to do it, because our ward waited until the last minute.  We decided to do a breakfast for the ward party, because it would be easier than a dinner.  So the ward party was at 9 am and Whit's bridal shower was at my house at 12 and I was doing all of the food too. Oh and I forgot to mention Hazel woke up that morning throwing up, and luckily my mother-in-law was able to come over and watch her.  On Christmas day we threw the family dinner party at our house because it was the best location for everyone.  Then I had to make two cheesecakes for Brendan's birthday that evening, and family was coming into town for the wedding and staying at my house.  It wouldn't have been that bad, but being pregnant with all of this going on was too much for me.  I told everyone I 'm never throwing a party again.

Back to Whit's shower, I volunteered to do it and wanted to and I thought it turned out really nice.  It was a brunch so I made quiche, yogurt berry parfaits, blueberry raspberry muffins, a salad, and I bought some gourmet donuts.  I did a gold, black and white theme.  We ate, played some games, and opened presents.  It was a nice afternoon together, and we got to meet some of Spencer's family too.

Whitney and Spencer's Wedding was in the Draper Temple.  This was our first winter wedding in the family, and it was freezing!  Pictures outside as a group were torture.  We actually had to cut it short and finish the group pictures inside the reception venue, because it was so cold.  The wind was blowing right through us, and I had bad earaches, not to mention the shivering children.  Whitney looked beautiful, and I loved everything about her wedding.  We had the reception/luncheon at the Grand America in Salt Lake, and it was very elegant.  Her colors were navy and gold.  Spencer has a nice family, and we were glad to welcome him into ours.

 I loved her dress.  It is from JCrew.

 All of my kids chowing down. 

 Hazel loved how this salad looked.  She kept talking about it after the wedding.

 The favor table.

The rest of the photos below are from the professional photographer, Alyssia B Photography.  She did a great job.  

 Just our side of the family.

 All of the siblings.

The nephews.

The nieces.

Christmas and Brendan's Birthday

A couple days before Christmas, Hattie came into the kitchen excited and told me she gave herself a haircut.  I ran my fingers through her hair, and pieces were falling out.  I was so upset at her.  She chopped the front and sides and had a nice mullet.  I totally cried about it.  I had my cousin fix it a little, but Brendan wanted to keep the back, so it still looked like a mullet.  In January we brought her over to Craig's Cuts just so they could cut a little off the back, so it didn't look like a mullet, but the girl chopped it all around like a short boy haircut.  I cried even more.  It has been growing out the past few months, and it is a little pixie cut.  So here are some pictures of the first haircut.

Christmas morning is always fun with little kids.  They were so excited for all of their gifts.  After opening presents we ate breakfast and just hung out together.  In the evening we had some of my family over for Christmas dinner that live in town, and then when we had Brendan's birthday cakes my parents and younger sisters showed up from California.  My sister Whitney was getting married 2 days after Christmas so everyone was coming into town.

 Waiting to go out and open their gifts in their Christmas Eve pajamas.

 Niels was all about the candy in his stocking.  It kept him occupied for quite a while.

I love Hattie's faces in these pictures.  She's so into it, and Brendan just looks like he is going to burn his face he is so close.

Hazel's Ballet Recital

Friday, May 15, 2015
In August Hazel starting taking ballet classes at the Covey Center, and she loves it.  In December she had a little ballet recital with her class.  We took some shots while she was warming up.

Halloween 2014


From Maine we headed to Vermont, but the more northwest we went, the more leaves were past their peak and starting to fall.  We drove through the White Mountains, and they were pretty, but I can imagine how amazing they would have been at their peak.  There are so many little farms and factories in Vermont, and I was excited to hit up a few tours, and sample some food.  

 We started our first tour at the Cabot cheese factory and bought lots of cheese to bring home too.

 We stayed in the cutest Nordic cabin outside of Montpelier.   The owner left us little snacks for breakfast, and there was hot cocoa to make and candles.  It was perfect for a rainy night.  There was a little makeshift kitchen, and a futon bed inside.  I loved all of the little details.  I want to build one for myself.

 Montpelier is the smallest state capitol.

 Took at tour at Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.  These are some of the first models of ice cream scoops from around the world.  Kind of interesting.

I'm all about apple cider and donuts.  We also bought some apple butter.

 Stowe, Vermont is a cute ski town, and I always see it featured in my travel magazines.  It was off season, so it was quiet around town, but cute.

I love covered bridges!

 I love The Sound of Music, and have heard a lot about the Trapp Family Lodge, so it was fun to see.

We stopped in Sharon, Vermont to see the birthplace of Joseph Smith.  We learned a little history and walked around the grounds.
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