4th of July 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Christmas and the 4th of July are the two holidays Brendan and I look forward to every year.  Last year all of my family came into town for the 4th and had so much fun that we were all going to do it again this year, but with Blake getting married in a few short weeks in Seattle, everyone decided to meet up at the wedding instead.  We still had a great time with Brendan's family and my family members that live close.  

We started out the day by going to the big parade at 9 am.  Christopher and Brianna were kind enough to go down at 4 am and save us a parade spot with shade tents.  After the parade, we rode our bike down to the Freedom Festival and got some lunch, but it was so hot, we left pretty quickly.  We cooled off at home and took some naps before heading up the canyon to the family cabin for swimming and food.

 They were all matching in their stripes.

 Paige's family in their red, white, and, blue. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of my family in our red, white, and blue.  They changed too fast into their swimming suits.

I could take pictures of this baby all day.  He is such a cutie, and that swim suit.

 Niels took a little longer to like solid foods, but now loves it.  He ate his entire corn on the cob and lots of watermelon.

 It is so green and beautiful up the canyon right now, and the weather has been perfect.

 Some pickleball games in the court.

A good game of horseshoes.

After the fun at the cabin, we headed back to our house to finish our festivities.  Whitney brought lots of candy to make candy kebobs.  Genius.  I loved them!  We also had a huge firework show outside our house with lots of aerial fireworks.  It was a pretty spectacular show and a great evening!

Children's Parade

The Saturday before the 4th of July they have a big children's parade in Provo as part of the Freedom Festival.  The night before we spent time as a family decorating our tandem bike and trailer and Hazel's bike.  We won a trophy for being unique or something like that.  Hazel said that she knew just where to put it when we got home.

At the end everyone gets popsicles.  Don't even think about taking Niels' away without a fit.

After the parade was over, we rode over to the Farmer's market.  On our way over we found a place off center street that sells kolaches.  They were really good, and we've since been back.  At the farmer's market we bought some delicious cookies and fresh broccoli, carrots, and green beans.    

Blake and Katie's Engagments

My youngest brother Blake recently got engaged to Katie Bell.  We love Katie, and are so excited to have her join the family.  Since Blake and Katie both live around the corner, we've gotten to know her pretty well.  It's funny because this will be the third marriage in our family that has come from the same BYU ward.  Brendan and I met there, Bruce and Jessica met there, and now Blake and Katie.  Whitney also lived in the same ward when she was at BYU, but somehow missed the boat.  JK Whit!

I've taken engagements a few times before, but I feel like this time it was a harder.  Blake is handsome, and Katie is beautiful, but we struggled to get a lot of good shots.  It's hard to pose people and between Blake's weird smiles and Katie's blinking eyes, we managed to get a some decent ones.

Light and Water

While Hattie was sleeping, Hazel wanted to run through the sprinkles.  The sun was going down and the light was beautiful, so I snapped a couple of shots.

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