Valentine's/President's Day Weekend

Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Our Valentine's weekend started on Friday with a fun party at Aunt Whitney's house.  Whit had me drop off the three kids and I got to just take Oliver and go shopping at City Creek.  It was a nice break for me and a blast for the kids.  I wish I would have taken more pictures of all the cute things Whit did.  They went on a treasure hunt, played games, received prizes, decorated sugar cookies, decorated a craft mailbox, built robots with candy, made wands, and more I'm sure.  Then they had the cutest little take home boxes filled with valentine stuff.  On the way home we stopped at Pizzeria Limone for dinner.  It was a fun night!

The next day Brendan had flowers on the table for me with little coupons attached to each rose.  I'm looking forward to using all of them.  Later in the day we finally made it up to our cabin to enjoy the snow with the kids.  The previous weekend we rented skis for Hazel and Hattie to practice at the cabin, and it was perfect for them to learn.  It was their second time skiing, and they loved it.  This weekend we bought one pair of skis and boots for them to trade off, and it worked out great.  One would ski and the other would sled for a while.

On Sunday we went to church up there and later we had a heart shaped pizza for dinner, and we made a heart cake together.  We just hung out as a family and had fun.  On Monday we skied and sledded again.  It was a nice getaway, and now we are back at home with three sick kids. 

At the COOL party!

This was after church.  The kids wanted to make funny faces.  Brendan had to go to our ward at home, so it was me all by myself with the 4 kids at church.  It went really well until the end of sacrament when Niels decided to run up and down the aisles.  It was quite the show with me trying to get him and Niels screaming with excitement as he got away.   I could see several people laughing.  A lady came up to me after and said it was really funny for everyone to watch, but probably not for me. 

 For Valentine's I bought the girls aprons and Niels a little truck.  We made small heart shaped cakes and one big one.  As you can see the kids has a lot of fun with the sprinkles.

 Brendan bought glow sticks for skiing at night, but they got used for dancing.

 Snow bunny cousins.

 This was their lift up.  It was actually a really long run for them from the top of the meadow.

Hazel is doing a little better than Hattie, so we are going to take Hazel on a ski date this Friday night to Brighton.

 I knew he was hiding something.  Stealing all the marshmallows that are supposed to be for the hot cocoa.

 Niels LOVED going down on this sled with the steering wheel.  He felt like he was steering his own car.

Niels even tried skiing, but it didn't go so well.  I think we will wait until he is older.

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  1. What a fun Valentine's Day! My favorite photo is Niels and the marshmallows! I can eat him, he is so cute!


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