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Friday, March 22, 2013
I'm always busy with Hazel and Hattie around.  Hattie is just hilarious.  She is 20 months old now, and I can't believe how verbal she is.  At her 18 month old appointment the doctor was asking if she could put 2 words together to make a phrase, uh yeah try 5 word phrases.  She LOVES to talk and sing.  Hazel was really verbal too when she was young, but I think having an older sibling helps.  She says the cutest little phrases.  As I was just writing this Hattie came up to me and pushed her sleeves up and said, "Tickle arm Mama."  In the morning Hattie usually asks, "Where's Daddy?"  Today I told her at work.  Then she asked, "Where's Hazel?"  When I told her Hazel had gone to work with Daddy she started to cry.  She usually cries when Hazel goes to Preschool too.  

Hattie can open the fridge by herself, which usually means trouble.  One time in the night she woke up and wanted her sippy cup of milk and I didn't want to get up.  A few minutes later I saw a light coming from the kitchen.  When I got up to see, Hattie had gotten out her sippy cup on her own and left the fridge wide open.    

One day Hazel and and Hattie had taken off the couch cushions and were jumping on them and Brendan came home and caught them.  He got mad at them and Hattie came running into me yelling, "Daddy's mean! Daddy's mean!" over and over again.  Then she went back to Hazel who was crying and said, "He's mean Hazel" as if she was trying to comfort or understand her.  Brendan and I couldn't help but laugh.   

 Hattie started climbing out of her crib about 2 months ago.  I used to lay her down in the crib with her pacifier and she would go right to sleep.  I then started just putting her in the room and she would pull out all the toys and books until she fell asleep.  One day I found her on the ground, and another day she had fallen asleep on the chair.  Now she usually just climbs into Hazel's bed and puts herself to sleep.

Hazel started going to a co-op preschool in January with some kids in our ward, and she loves it.  She loves to play school at home with Hattie too.  They even pack up their lunches with fake food. 

One day when the weather was nice we took a walk around the corner to JDawgs and Spoon It Up with Aunt Breeze.  Hattie loves "Ice keem"

 They love playing princesses together.  Hattie dances around and sings, "I'm a princess" and twirls around.

Hattie kept saying she had to go potty and would have me take her into the bathroom, so I decided to get out the potty chair for her if she wanted to sit on it.  I don't really want to potty train her right now though.  She did go in it once, but usually she just sits with her clothes on and then takes toilet paper and acts like she's wiping herself and throws it in the toilet.  The first day I got it out she sat down on it and said, "Weave me awone" (leave me alone).  That's what Hazel always says when she has to go to the bathroom, so of course Hattie was copying her.  Today I gave the girls a bath and Hazel didn't want to get out yet, so I got Hattie out and dressed her.  I went back into the bathroom and was curling my eyelashes for a minute and when I looked back Hattie was back in the tub fully dressed.  I was about to get mad and then I just looked at her and laughed.  She was a little confused at what she had just done.  I let her sit there for a minute and then she started crying and wanted out.

Eden, UT.....again

Just three weeks later we went back to the condo in Eden, but with Brendan's family this time.  The first time we were there it was cold and snowy, but this time it was 60 degrees and sunny.  Brendan, Christopher, and Brianna all went skiing at Snowbasin, and Brendan's parents and I rode up in the gondola with the kids and met them in the lodge for lunch at the top of the mountain.

The lodge at the top was really nice and big with good food.  Hazel and Hattie loved running around the fireplace together.
The next day we all went out to eat and on the way back we fed some horses.  Hazel and Hattie loved it.  Hazel was a little more timid than Hattie though.  Hattie was running around with the bag of carrots trying to get someone to pick her back up and let her feed them again.

 Back at the condo Hazel enjoyed staying up and playing Candyland with Grandpa and Grandma Rowland.  It was so cute to watch her get excited.
The last day when we were leaving, Brendan, Christopher, and Brianna all went skiing again.  I went down to Ogden and met up with Jessica at the Treehouse museum.  The girls had SO much fun!  I wish they had one in Provo.  We would be there all the time.  They have dress ups in every room.  Hazel and Hattie played there for three hours straight without any complaints and could have stayed longer if they weren't closing.
 Their favorite exhibit was the baby hospital.  They got to dress up as doctors and weigh and measure the babies.

After the Treehouse museum we went back to Bruce and Jessica's house and hung out until Bruce came home from work.  Hazel and Hattie love uncle Bruce.  One day Hazel asked me, "Why did Bruce move to Ogden?"  I told her that's where he got a job.  She responded, "But doesn't Bruce love us."  I told her yes but that's where he got his job.  She then asked, "But doesn't Bruce know we love him?"  I thought it was so cute.

Snowbasin Resort

Last month we had a fun ski trip with my sister Brook and her family visiting from San Diego.  We stayed in Eden, UT which is up Ogden Canyon.  We had a fun three nights and everyone went skiing up at Snowbasin Resort, except for me of course.  I went up to take pictures and chase Bennett and Hattie around in the snow.    

 Hazel only went down one run and complained the whole time.  She kept saying how much the boots hurt her.  We thought she was just being a baby, but I did find a bruise on the top of her foot when we took them off.  I still think she was just being Hazel though.  I think we'll wait until she gets a little bit older.

Brook holding happy Bennett and Rivers, Hazel, and Luke.

Denali and Porter.

Bennett and Hattie were having lots of fun playing in the snow.  We had to leave though and go back to the condo because Hazel was screaming and throwing a fit about everything.

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