Key West and Miami

Sunday, December 29, 2013
After spending the first two weeks of September traveling apart, Brendan and I had three days back at home together before we were off for another trip, but this time all together.  We logged 59 hours in our rental car in three states in 16 days.  I was a little nervous taking that long of a trip with three little kids with lots of driving, but it turned out really well.  We are already planning our trip out east again for next year. 

No such thing as traveling light with three small children.  We had 3 car seats, a double stroller, 2 checked bags, and 3 carry ons.  

We flew into Ft. Lauderdale late at night and stayed in a hotel near the airport.  In the morning we picked up our rental car and were off to the Florida Keys.  It was a really pretty drive down there.  We had a small Chrysler 300 with all of our stuff jam packed into it.  All of the car seats barely fit in the back seat.

We stayed at the Parrot Key Resort and loved it.  The greenery was beautiful and our place was right by the 4 garden pools.  We also had a cute back porch with sand and a waterfront view.

 Key West is known for its beautiful sunsets.  Every night on the pier there is a big sunset party.

 We bought some really good cuban food and coconuts to sip on the beach.  


We had some delicious key lime pie and banana cream pie here at the Key Lime Pie Factory in Key West.

We stayed right across the street from the beach.  When Hazel saw one of the beds in the room she was excited and exclaimed, "It's a princess bed!"   

We only stayed one night in Miami, but we loved it and want to go back.  The water was so warm and just beautiful.  Unfortunately it was a little stressful with the kids.  We just weren't prepared with snacks and a big umbrella for the baby to be shaded and sand was getting everywhere.    

Breeze's 19th Birthday!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Two days after getting back from San Diego, it was Aunt Bree's birthday.  I made her a birthday cake, and Bruce and Jessica came down from Ogden and celebrated with us too!

San Diego

Friday, October 25, 2013
While Brendan went to Alaska for two weeks, I drove down to San Diego by myself with the three littles.  I'd made it to Boise by myself, why not San Diego?  I decided to break up the first half by driving to Vegas and staying the night.  I was prepared to leave early in the day, but when I heard the tires squealing I decided to go get them checked out at Costco.  They all needed to be replaced before I left.  Luckily I was able to get them done that afternoon, but I didn't get into Vegas until midnight.  All three kids were sleeping, so it made it very difficult checking in.  I had to park the car and get the double stroller out and put both the girls in it.  I had to put Niels in my wrap, and then I tried to take stuff out of their suitcases that we would need for the night and stuff it in the stroller.  I had to walk forever through a casino to the check in and then the line was forever.  The kids were all very tired and starting to get a little fussy.  I was seriously so exhausted.  I'm sure people around me were wondering what the heck I was doing by myself at midnight with three little kids in Vegas, because that's what I was thinking.  The next day driving was a little long, but we made it.  

We were actually going down there for my niece's baptism, so my parents and some siblings were also going to be there.  I had previously bought a plane ticket for my sister Holly so she could drive back with me and help me out with the girls and then fly back to Sacramento from Utah. By then Brendan would also be back from Alaska and Canada.  So it worked out great.

 The girls had SO much fun putting on all of their cousin's dress ups.  It seemed like they were coming out in different outfits every 10 minutes.  (Brendan took our nice camera on his trip, so these are all phone pics in low light unfortunately.  Our camera was also dropped on Brendan's trip and broke, which I didn't find out about until our next trip.)

Porter was practicing the violin to play at the baptism, and Hattie wanted to play too.  She kept telling me she was playing ballerina music.  Hazel and Hattie dance to classical music all the time, so I thought her connection was cute. 

Whitney, Dawn, and Breeze were the missing sisters in this picture.  I didn't get a picture of Denali in her baptism dress unfortunately. 

 Hattie fell asleep in aunt Paige's arms.

 After the baptism on Saturday we all went to La Jolla beach and ate pizza and roasted smores.  It was nice having uncle Blake around to help me with the kids.  Hazel and Hattie love him.

 On Sunday we went to the Mormon Battalion in Old Town San Diego.  It is such a fun place for the family.

I was stuck in stop and go traffic down there and saw this car driving next to me.  I tried to keep my distance.  I think they were heading to Mexico.

The second half of our stay we stayed at my sister Paige's house, which is in Fallbrook.  It is a little more in the country you could say.  They have lots of fruit trees in their yard.  I'd never had a freshly picked fig, and it was delicious.  

 Their neighbors let us feed their goats.

We went on a little walk around their neighborhood in the nice weather.  

Emigration Canyon Half Marathon

I was pretty excited to get running again after having Niels, so as soon as my 6 weeks of postpartum were up, I started training for the nearest half that I had time to train for.   The race was up Emigration Canyon, and it was beautiful.  The first 4 miles were all up hill and I thought all I wanted to do was finish and forget about my goal, but I ended up doing OK. My goal was to finish in 1:50 and I ended up with 1:51, but I was just fine with that, especially since I was only training about twice a week towards the end.  It was just too hard to get up early and run with a newborn still feeding through the night.  Right after my race I took Brendan straight to the airport to fly to Alaska for two weeks.

The Raspberry Patch

For Family Home Evening one night we finally made it to the raspberry patch in Payson.  I had read about it online last summer, but didn't get a chance to go until this year.  We went when they were just opening for the season, so they didn't have as many as usual, and it was starting to get dark.  They were only $2.50 a pound.  I wanted to go back and pick more another day when we had more time, but it didn't happen.  We will be back next year for sure.


In the middle of August I took a road trip with just me and the three kids up to Boise to visit my sister Dawn.  They just recently built a beautiful house up there that I wanted to see, and of course the kids and I wanted to come hang out and have some fun.

When I was going through these pictures Hazel saw this one and said, "Jon and me are buddies."

Reed wake surfing without the rope for the first time!

Hattie is our daredevil, unlike Hazel.  Dawn tried getting Hazel to wake surf with her and it was pretty comical.  Hazel was screaming get me off this thing.  When they went down, Hazel exclaimed how fun it was.

These ballerinas had so much fun putting on a show for us.

 Jon and Hattie.

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